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Cool, ang dami mong tanim na halaman. English translation-Cool, you have so many plants.

Ang meron lang ako tatlong pirasong phalaenopsis. Yung 2 seedlings lang tas yung isa may spike pero walang bulaklak.- English translation.I only have 3 phalaenopsis. The 2 are still seedlings while the other one has a spike on it but does not have any buds or flowers. Dude san kaya maganda bumili ng mga phalaenopsis? English translation- Where can I buy phalaenopsis? Yung pwedeng e-ship papuntang Zamboanga City. Taga Zamboanga City ako kaya marami din orchids dito in fact katatapos lang ng Zamboanga Hermosa Festival and isa sa mga highlights ay yung mga nagbebenta ng orchids pero bihira and phalaenopsis. Gusto ko din sana ng miltoniopsis or pansy orchid.
I am from Zamboanga City; hence, there are also many orchids here. In fact, one of the highlights of the recently concluded city festival called the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival is the showcase of orchids which are for sale but most orchids that were there were dendrobiums and cattleyas. I wish there were more phalaenopsis and pansy orchids.
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