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Originally Posted by Anton View Post
I have a very bad infestation on my Den densiflorum.

At first I thought it was lacking in minerals, so have been dosing it up a bit, but to no avail. The leaves have the appearance of sunburn, but, in a green house ???

Usually before I go to bed, I do a quick walk through the GH looking for "night nasties" who munch on leaves, as this has been an ongoing issue for me.

It wasn't until I did the CSI bit and shone my bright torch on the plant, that the reason the leaves looked c#%p was obvious. During the day you can't see this damage.

These are Spider Mite, and all the little dots are individual creatures munching on the goodness of the leaves. I have quarantined the plant away for my others, and luckily, they have been happy staying put.

Once they destroy this plant, is probably when they'll decide to mave to "greener pastures".

I will be treating with Rogor at 10ml per litre (Malawash will do the same job), repeating in a week, then a further week. At that stage, I'll strip all the leaves off the plant and dispose of them so there's no chance of reinfection.

To say I am very p%$#ed off would be a gross understatement, as this plant was really progressing well until this setback, so I would say I have now lost a flowering season from these little varmints.
hi anton, just a doubt...did u dunk the root system into the rogor solution, or spray the leaf surfaces as well?
i have a similar infestation on one of my best has however managed to flower despite the attack...though not its usual spray of 16 or more flowers...just about 8 this time
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