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Just a little updates and some OTs


Originally Posted by pikkumyy View Post
oh wow, you have a gram. speciosum, i really want one, beware, THEY GET HUGE. and they are some nice ferns, im trying to build up a little collection too. any tips would be great
thank you so much for the compliment my friend. Can you post me a link to your beautiful collection? With my ferns, aside from looking it up in the internet and asking the sellers their opinions regarding its cultural requirements, i always make sure that they are watered almost everyday especially when its hot, not full sun, sometimes i apply ferts, and if they like soil, i always use bag soils especially with coconut fibers...and then i pray to God that he let my plants live. hehehe I love ferns but there are some that can really be very very pricey and way out of reach of my pockets. hehehehhee

So before i attend to a meeting this afternoon, i just took pictures of my fruit seedlinds and you all know its main purpose in the garden. hehehhee

a jackfruit or locally known to us as "langka"

a guyabano or graviola or sour sop

of course my favorite of all, a starfruit or locally known to us as "kayomito". I put a stake because i want it to grow straight up and as much as possible would still let sunlight enter the garden grounds. But starfruits are massive trees.

I forgot to add pictures of my rambutan. hahaahhaahha and pine trees as well. hahhaha. oh dear!!! what have i gotten myself into.

My phals just wants to say hello to you all and thank you ...till next time


Godbless everyone.

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