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Many thanks to Anton and others for helping me identify a spider mite infestation on my dendrobiums. As a newbie I was searching for help with my ailing dendrobiums. I noticed the characteristic silvery leaf damage here and there but didn't see any little bugs. The leaves were also yellowing and dropping without any kind of pattern. I treated with Neem according to pkg instructions several times but leaves kept yellowing. Also tried Malathion, Rose pride for rot,... Thought maybe it was rot since there was dark damage on the cane where the leaves attached. BUT when I pulled off several yellowing leaves (ready to drop anyway) I noticed a bright orange powdery "dust" right at the stem. With an toy microscope (from the kids) I could see many bright orange bug bodies looking just like Yokurt's pic. (thank you!) Our local farm supply lady recommended I use Bayer 3-in-1 for mites. I'm amazed at how quickly my orchids improved after just one treatment. No more yellowing leaves and bursting with healthy sprays of flowers. No more mites sucking out their energy.... Yayyy!
Thank you again Geeks! I aspire to be like you all someday.
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