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Originally Posted by Brooke View Post
I agree with Kevin, your plant is doing great.

Why are you putting it outside? It will do fine if left in your grow area. If you grow in natural light or artificial light, you will get a temp differential when the light goes off. Outside some varmint could eat the nice juicy bud. I see a stake in the picture - tie the spike loosely to it and it will raise the bud.

I can't tell from your picture but phrags do best in tall pots so the roots can reach for the water.

Thank you Brooke,
You are so right. It worries me sick. I am running to my outside deck every morning in my PJ's to see if it's still there...... But I get much cooler temps and much higher humidity (I have a big lawn area) in my backyard than inside the house. I usually take my two Masdie's and my Phrag outside. Maybe I should reconsider......
I placed few of my Phals outside on the top of the brick retaining wall in the misty rain we had over the last weeken to freshen them up. Sure enough the snail ate a new forming spike of one of them........ This snail flew over the fence to the greenbelt further than the other ones........ needless to say...........
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