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Originally Posted by orchids4me View Post
Hummm.... Is it to hot or to bright where it is if the standing water is to warm the roots may be trying to get away from it and causing the bud to wilt..... Looking at it gives me the visual of trying to get into a bathtub and the waters to hot so we pull our toes out quickly but it can't do that..... I don't know just a thought if anything like paphs for light and heat mine like it not so bright.
Was just a thought but I don't know...
Hmmm..., interesting analogy....

The light is definitly not too bright where it's standing during the day. I take it outside every night where the temps get to 50F. It could get to 70-80F during the day in the house when I am at work, but I hope it's not too much even for Phrags..if they are able to cool down to 50F at night......
The bud is not wilting, it's pretty firm, but just looking down.....
Maybe I just worry too much.........
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