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Few Q's about Phrag besseae...

Here is my update and concerns about my first and only Phrag...
I am afraid I am overwatering it. It's standing in the 3/4 inch of rain water all the time. I am changing it about every 3-4 days. But I found new roots growing upwards (see pic's). What could be the reason if not overwatering?... I thought you can't overwater besseae, I have read it somewhere, I remember clearly............
The other concern I have is the bud is looking downwards....Everything is upsidedown in my house...........
The second bud is forming there....
Is this normal for the bud to look down so much or it's unhappy for some reason????????

I feel like telling him "Hey, the roots grow down and the buds grow up, buddy. Don't you know?"
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