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I had a major infestation at the tail end of last summer, affecting 3 plants; a Brugmansia, Datura & my Sollya heterophylla.
The Brug & Datura were easily taken care of with a combination of systemic pesticide & wiping the leaves twice a day with a wet sponge.
However, I have only just in the last month dared to declare the Bluebell creeper free of mite. I've been alternating the systemic pesticides (as someone had also suggested that they may build up an immunity), but the leaves are too many & too small to wipe. So a couple of months ago, I started spraying it twice a day with 2 litres of water (just water) in a fine mist. Although the leaves have suffered a little scorching, that damage is inconsequential compared to the damage that red spider mites inflicted upon it.
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