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Rogor will work fine, however, take care not to breathe it in.. it is a nerve poion.

I had a mite infestation on my rose plants last week, and i used some mineral oil based pesticide, 2.5ml to 2 liters of water, sprayed in an emulsion.

The emulsion works by coating the pests with mineral oil and suffocating them. It does not coat and suffocate leaves, rather it is repelled by leaves and attracted by the exoskeleton of pests and insects.

TA-DAH!! no more mites the net day!! (However I am still keeping a close watch for their re-apparence)

I'm quite concerned regarding your decision to strip the leaves off your plant. =(

Spider mites can lay up to 20 eggs a day and hatch in as little as 2-3 days, and become sexually mature in 5 days.

If you are able to break this cycle, then the chances of a re-infestation should be very very low and the plant will not have to suffer without leaves..
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