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I think this plant was infected when a friend of mine gave it to me without realising.

Her GHs are chock a block with little room between plants, and this helps harbour little nasties and diseases. THIS is one of the reasons WHY I WONT overcrowd my new GH. if it is crowded, you can't see every plant clearly to be able to scan for nasties.

I have also received plants from another friend who also has crowded orchid accommodation, and those were infected with Mealybugs and scale, so,there's a strong message there, DO NOT CROWD YOUR PLANTS !!!

It is better for them not to be crowded with plenty of room for air movement and to enable light to reach each and every plant as these critters do not like light much and love to hide on leaves that are in deep shadow / shade where there is not much air movement.

This is good advice for newbs to follow.

Up until now, I have not had this type of problem, and this is another reason to quarantine new plants, and if possible repot them into YOUR mix which SHOULD be clean and pest / disease free, and to also give them a dose of antifungal and pesticidal mixtures to prevent / cure any potential problems.

As this plant has so many canes and leaves, it was hard to pick up until I shone a bright torch on it at night. It is amazing what you can pick up at night with just a torch, as your focus is just where the beam is directed and you become oblivious to everything else.

During the day, as there is so much diffuse and scattered light, a lot of things become invisible, such as these blighters.

I thought this plant was lacking in minerals, and even with dosing it up, the leaves just got worse. It looks like sunburn as mentioned in my original post, but the under side of the leaves resembles a fungal type infection, how wrong was I !

EDITED IN: Malawash contains the constituent Malathion just in case Malawash isn't available as a brand in the States.
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