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I have posted something earlier but it disappeared. Anyway, to resume fusarium is sensitive to certain lactobacilii in acid soils provided the infection si not too advanced; fusarium is also greatly promoted by the use of inorganic nitrogen sources (for references try google searches - I shouldn't post links)
"Antifungal activities of two Lactobacillus plantarum strains against Fusarium moulds in vitro and in malting of barley
The competitive ability ofA. radiobacter when tested in twelve Central American soils was found to be related to pH in acid and neutral environments but was correlated with texture, organic-matter content and total nitrogen in soils of intermediate pH. In all soils where inhibition occurred, the competitive effect was overcome by additions of inorganic nitrogen.
There is also this: "Suppression of Fusarium solani f. sp. phaseoli on Bean by Aluminum in Acid Soils"

this is a quote from a penn state univ article - "Conversely, there are at least two turfgrass diseases (take-all patch and Fusarium patch) that are suppressed in acid soils." this led me to believe that Fusarium might be sensitive to acid soils. Perhaps someone with more experiece could shed some light

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