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Heh heh thanks! Having fun with the gesneraids and the Bletilla seed.

Got seeds from 7 new Kohleria crosses last week, and got a bit carried away on eBay and it looks like I now have 31 new plants on their way too.

Thanks for the info! I've been sowing/growing the seedlings under florescent lights (right under) in plastic deli pots with the lid. I moved then down to about 8" away from the lights a few days ago. Not because I knew what I was doing, but because I needed to figure out where these 31 new plants were going to fit.

Today I'm back to playing with the Bletilla seed. I just went and cut the last 7 pods off the plants. I've sown some seed on the Miracle Grow potting mix right out of the bag. I just finished steam sterilizing a peat moss/perlite mix. Its cooling in my laminar workstation under UV with the containers and a few agar flasks. I'm going to sow on the sterilized soil and a pair of flasks.

We'll call the flasks the control, and can compare the yeild and growth rates of the other 3 experiments. The original corms continue to grow and the fungal mass is not being too intrusive. It has over whelmed a few patches of corms, but they appear to be popping through.

I'll post updates in about a week after the new experiments germinate


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