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I'm definitely interested in how the Chitosan powder works for you. I am getting about a 70% yeild on my gesneriad seeds. Are you using it as a fungicidal or does it have any auxin-like properties?

That gave me an idea...I wonder if the addition of Chitosan to my auger would reduce the instances of flask contamination. I usually just add PPM which does a decent job.

Originally Posted by Brooke View Post
Jesse are you doing any flasks now?

Hi Broke, no flasks now. I haven't had the time. I have most everything either hardening off in deli-trays or already in plugs. I had a lot of seed from Thailand that isn't viable anymore so I'm going to wait until my boys get a little older and I can get a little more free time

Right now just sowing seeds on peat moss is perfect to keep me occupied. Of course I can't leave my Gesneraids alone and keep tissue propagating them when they aren't doing it by themselves.
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